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Publication(Information about EPUB book)

EPUB Publications is information about EPUB books.

EPUB Parser represents it as EPUB::Publication module and classes under the namespace and you can access them such like EPUB::Parser.parse("path/to/book.epub").package


book = EPUB::Parser.parse("path/to/book.epub")

for continuing.

Five Models

book.package is a package document, a root of information tree about the book, and it has attributes to access five major models of the publication; Metadata, Manifest, Spine, Guide and Bindings.

Each of them has information the book in the way its own.


Metadata is literally metadata of the book, including identifiers, titles, languages, links and so on.

You can access them by:

md = book.package. # => EPUB::Publication::Package::Metadata
md.titles # => [#<EPUB::Publication::Package::Metadata::Title...>, #<EPUB::Publication::Package::Metadata::Title...>, ...]
# ...


Manifest lists all the files in the package with some basic information such as filepath, media type and so on. Those files is represented as Items and see Item for details.

You can access manifest by:

manifest = book.package.manifest # => EPUB::Publication::Package::Manifest

And can access items it manages via some methods:

manifest.items # => an array of Items
manifest.cover_image # => Item which represents cover images, which includes the string "cover-image" in its property attribute.
manifest.each_item do |item|
  # do something with item
manifest.navs # => an array of Items which include the string "nav" in its property attribute.
manifest.nav # => The first Item in manifest.navs.

For complete list of methods, see API reference: EPUB::Publication::Package::Manifest