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epubinfo command-line tool

epubinfo command-line tool shows metadata of specified epub file.


epubinfo path/to/book.epub


% epubinfo ./linear-algebra.epub
Title:              A First Course in Linear Algebra
Identifiers:        code.google.com.epub-samples.linear-algebra
Titles:             A First Course in Linear Algebra
Languages:          en
Creators:           Robert A. Beezer
Rights:             This work is shared with the public using the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2., © 2004 by Robert A. Beezer.
Modified:           2012-03-05T12:47:00Z
Unique identifier:  code.google.com.epub-samples.linear-algebra
Epub version:       3.0
Navigations:        toc, landmarks

To see help:

% epubinfo -h
Show metadata of an EPUB file

Usage: epubinfo [options] EPUBFILE

    -f, --format=FORMAT              format of output(line, json or yaml), defaults to line(for console)
        --words                      count words of content documents
        --chars                      count charactors of content documents
        --navigation[=TYPE]          show specified type of navigation(toc, page-list or landmarks)
                                     If TYPE is omitted, show all types of navigations.
                                     Can specify multiple times.
        --toc                        show table of contents navigation(in line format only)
        --page-list                  show page list navigation(in line format only)
        --landmarks                  show landmarks navigation(in line format only)

Output formats

epubinfo can output in three formats: line, JSON and YAML. You can specify format by --format(-f) command-line option


$ epubinfo --format=json ~/Documebts/Books/build_awesome_command_line_applications_in_ruby_fo.epub | jq .
  "title": "Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby (for KITAITI MAKOTO)",
  "identifiers": "978-1-934356-91-3",
  "titles": "Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby (for KITAITI MAKOTO)",
  "languages": "en",
  "contributors": "",
  "coverages": "",
  "creators": "David Bryant Copeland",
  "dates": "",
  "descriptions": "",
  "formats": "",
  "publishers": "The Pragmatic Bookshelf, LLC (338304)",
  "relations": "",
  "rights": "Copyright © 2012 Pragmatic Programmers, LLC",
  "sources": "",
  "subjects": "Pragmatic Bookshelf",
  "types": "",
  "modified": "",
  "unique identifier": "978-1-934356-91-3",
  "epub version": "2.0"


$ epubinfo --format=yaml ~/Documebts/Books/build_awesome_command_line_applications_in_ruby_fo.epub
title: Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby (for KITAITI MAKOTO)
:identifiers: 978-1-934356-91-3
:titles: Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby (for KITAITI MAKOTO)
:languages: en
:contributors: ''
:coverages: ''
:creators: David Bryant Copeland
:dates: ''
:descriptions: ''
:formats: ''
:publishers: The Pragmatic Bookshelf, LLC (338304)
:relations: ''
:rights: Copyright © 2012 Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
:sources: ''
:subjects: Pragmatic Bookshelf
:types: ''
modified: ''
unique identifier: 978-1-934356-91-3
epub Version: '2.0'

Character and word count

epubinfo can count characters and words(space perarated) in EPUB document. Pass --chars and --words options to the command.

Note that this makes process slower because it will read all the document.

$ epubinfo --chars --words ~/Documebts/Books/build_awesome_command_line_applications_in_ruby_fo.epub
Title:              Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby (for IKEDA TATSUNOBU)
Identifiers:        978-1-934356-91-3
Titles:             Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby (for IKEDA TATSUNOBU)
Languages:          en
Creators:           David Bryant Copeland
Publishers:         The Pragmatic Bookshelf, LLC (338304)
Rights:             Copyright © 2012 Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
Subjects:           Pragmatic Bookshelf
Unique identifier:  978-1-934356-91-3
Epub version:       2.0
Words:              65006
Characters:         445924


epubinfo can coutput navigations in EPUB document such as table of contents and landmarks. Pass --navigation option to the command. This option is available only in line format, for now.

% epubinfo --navigation ./linear-algebra.epub
=== table of contents ===
Table of Contents
  A First Course in Linear Algebra
  Author Biography
  Table of Contents
  Chapter 1. Theorems
  Chapter 2. Notation
  Chapter 3. Diagrams
  Chapter 4. Examples
  Part I. Part C  Core
    Chapter 1. Chapter SLE  Systems of Linear Equations
      Section WILA  What is Linear Algebra?
      Section SSLE  Solving Systems of Linear Equations
      Section RREF  Reduced Row-Echelon Form
      Section HSE  Homogeneous Systems of Equations
      Section NM  Nonsingular Matrices
    Chapter 2. Chapter V  Vectors
      Section SS  Spanning Sets
      Section O  Orthogonality
    Chapter 3. Chapter M  Matrices
      Section MM  Matrix Multiplication
      Section MISLE  Matrix Inverses and Systems of Linear Equations
      Section MINM  Matrix Inverses and Nonsingular Matrices
      Section CRS  Column and Row Spaces
    Chapter 4. Chapter VS  Vector Spaces
    Chapter 5. Chapter D  Determinants
      Section PDM  Properties of Determinants of Matrices
    Chapter 6. Chapter E  Eigenvalues
      Section PEE  Properties of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
    Chapter 7. Chapter LT  Linear Transformations
      Section ILT  Injective Linear Transformations
      Section SLT  Surjective Linear Transformations
      Section IVLT  Invertible Linear Transformations
    Chapter 8. Chapter R  Representations
      Section CB  Change of Basis
      Section OD  Orthonormal Diagonalization
      Section NLT  Nilpotent Linear Transformations
      Section IS  Invariant Subspaces
      Section JCF  Jordan Canonical Form
    Chapter 9. Appendix CN  Computation Notes
      Section MMA  Mathematica
      Section TI86  Texas Instruments 86
      Section TI83  Texas Instruments 83
      Section SAGE  SAGE: Open Source Mathematics Software
    Chapter 10. Appendix P  Preliminaries
      Section CNO  Complex Number Operations
      Section SET  Sets
      Section PT  Proof Techniques
    Chapter 11. Appendix A  Archetypes
      Archetype A
      Archetype B
      Archetype C
      Archetype D
      Archetype E
      Archetype F
      Archetype G
      Archetype H
      Archetype I
      Archetype J
      Archetype K
      Archetype L
      Archetype M
      Archetype N
      Archetype O
      Archetype P
      Archetype Q
      Archetype R
      Archetype S
      Archetype T
      Archetype U
      Archetype V
      Archetype W
      Archetype X
    Chapter 12. Appendix GFDL  GNU Free Documentation License
  Part II. Part T  Topics
    Chapter 14. Section T  Trace
    Chapter 15. Section HP  Hadamard Product
    Chapter 16. Section VM  Vandermonde Matrix
    Chapter 17. Section PSM  Positive Semi-definite Matrices
    Chapter 18. Chapter MD  Matrix Decompositions
      Section ROD  Rank One Decomposition
      Section TD  Triangular Decomposition
      Section SVD  Singular Value Decomposition
      Section SR  Square Roots
      Section POD  Polar Decomposition
  Part III. Part A  Applications
    Chapter 19. Section CF  Curve Fitting
    Chapter 20. Section SAS  Sharing A Secret
    Chapter 21. Contributors
    Chapter 22. Definitions

=== page list ===
(No page list)

=== landmarks ===
(No heading)
  Part I. Part C  Core

If you need only one type of navigation, tell it to navigation option:

% epubinfo --navigation=toc ./linear-algebra.epub

You can specify multiple typs by pass the option multiple times:

% epubinfo --navigation=toc --navigation=landmarks ./linear-algebra.epub

Short cut options --toc, --page-list and --landmarks are also available. --toc is, for example, equivalent to --navigation=toc:

% epubinfo --toc ./linear-algebra.epub